Welcome to South Morro Hills

What's growing on in our community...
South Morro Hills is an agricultural zoned residential area in east Oceanside, California. 

Follow links to learn About Us - Neighborhood area and boundaries, neighborhood character, South Morro Hills Association history, and long range planning goals.

Association members follow the
Member and Library & Resources links to share information and resources. 

South Morro Hills Association is a non-profit organization of property and home owners.  South Morro Hills is one of Oceanside's best neighborhoods.  Association members keep informed of activities, developments, and issues with the potential to affect our neighborhood and the City. Every new member strengthens our Voice with the City of Oceanside and other San Diego County and State agencies.  

Membership is open to all residents of South Morro Hills. To learn more, contact us at: southmorrohills@gmail.com or visit the Contact Us page, explore Contacts & Links which includes Useful Numbers and online links to references of interest to the neighborhood. 

The South Morro Hills Association also has a private group on Facebook. See Member Activities for more information on how to join.





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